Friday, 13 May 2011

Tyler The Creator- Goblin

Is this guy serious? Tyler the Creative? Tyler the Masturbator? For someone who makes as many jokes as Tyler, Goblin could not be more of a contrasting rap masterpiece. In behind the incessant insulting of vulnerable social groups and joking about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna, lies a revolutionary who has experienced way beyond his 19 years. Tyler has developed a new romantic side and slightly impersonates Drake in 'Analog' alongside Hodgy Beats, both voices sound equally smooth and sexual with the pitch changed. Although this is one of the slower points of Goblin, the line 'could you meet me by the lake?' is weirdly infectious and forms one of the overriding phrases on the album. Other recurring phrases on the album are most noticeable on 'Bitch Suck Dick' and 'Radicals', with the unforgetable catchphrase 'kill people, burn shit, fuck school' which is inevitably going to be recited by every teenager who's been sucked into the Odd Future hype these past few months. Tyler has certainly moved from strength to strength and as questioned in 'Goblin', 'Bastard intro, how the fuck I'm gonna top that?' the answer to your question Tyler is 'Goblin', a perfect synopsis of Tyler's career and his life story in just under 7 minutes. The closest to accessible is 'She' which features Frank Ocean, the most smooth talking member of OFWGKTA and a renowned ladies man, 'She' is somewhere in between a Drake and an N.E.R.D song. Goblin' has arrived and it's safe to say that Tyler has shown an incredible amount of life experience for a '19 year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams'.

By Aurora Mitchell

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