Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bands to look out for #2

Purity Ring
Named after a ring that people wear to symbolise their celibacy to God, Purity Ring seems like an ironic name for a band who used an extract from a swedish horror movie as their unofficial video to the B side of their debut single 'Ungirthed'; 'Lofticries'. A side project started by Corin Roddick of Gobble Gobble, Corin has already enveloped a considerable amount of fans considering he has only released two songs. 'Lofticries' would be in the same league as Starslinger, Baths, Blackbird Blackbird and various other chillwave artists but the angelic voice that soars above the gothic synths sets the standards higher for those cut and paste artists. Described as future pop, Purity Ring has even been given the thumbs up by Chloe Moretz which was good publicity for Corin. Layers of sampled voices are interwoven and create a hook on 'Ungirthed', which shows a more pop like sensibility than 'Lofticries' which could easily be stereotyped as witch house. Genre defying and forward thinking, Purity Ring is more than your average cut and paste band. There are no plans for an album as of yet but we can only hope that more material will follow.
Debut Ungirthed 7" out now from Transparent Records

By Aurora Mitchell

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