Sunday, 15 May 2011

Austra - Feel It Break

Recently there has been an upsurgance in seductive siren-like voices, wailing about the end of the world. Although Austra fit into this category to some extent, former galaxy member Katie Stelmanis' new band isnt just an exploration of the dark and decrepit. Also on offer is glorious infectious synth pop as displayed in abundance with main single "Beat and the Pulse" which slowly builds into an emphatic chorus, on top of a literally pulsating club beat while Katie preaches enlongated  "Feel it breath"'s, using her very best zola jesus impersonation. Other highlights include: The Pet Shop Boys reminscent 'Spellwork', warped love song 'Shoot the Water' where Katie warns "I want your blood" backed by wonky piano chords, and 'Lose It' which really shows off the Kate Bush side to Katie's piercing vocals. The albums only draw back, is the lack of variation, while some tracks stand out, 'Feel It Break' finds itself repeating itself somewhat, with some tracks sounding very similar to others to the point of not being able to distinguish. Overall though, this is Katie's strongest work yet, and an incredibly promising and sometimes infectious debut


By Toby McCarron

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