Friday, 13 May 2011

Bands to look out for #1

Ghost Eyes
Like so many of 2011's blog buzz stars in the making, Ghost Eyes are shrouded in mystery. From the gruff throat yelps of WU LYF to Jai Paul's bizarre merging of vampire weekend style hip-hop beats with more contemporary post-dubstep bleepery. The London trio of Ghost Eyes fit into much the same category of the latter, and likewise, are pretty hard to gather information on. Following remixes for the likes of Fujiya & Miyagi and Cymbals, comes their excellent debut single "Phantom Mountain"  an amalgamation of oriental twangs and driven synth pulsations. "We do not want to know the secrets, we do not want to be found" they chant, a line that perfectly befits the enigma that is Ghost Eyes. Through all the confusion one thing is for certain, Ghost Eyes have the capability to send shivers up the spine.
Debut 7" Phantom Mountain out 17th May

By Toby McCarron

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