Friday, 31 May 2013

Gallery: Stagecoach @ Birthdays Dalston

"We've been a band for around 10 years, we didn't think we'd ever make an album" Luke Barham, front man of Stagecoach declares. Tonight is the release party for the Surrey band's debut record 'Say Hi to the Band' and spirits are high, even if we are in a basement in Dalston.

Recent single WorkWorkWork opens the evening’s proceedings in true pop-rock style and the act who have been compared to Weezer set off to a roaring start. Whilst the crowd participation is limited to singing along to previously familiar material such as We Got Tazers!, the mood is high and its clear that their time as an act has glued Stagecoach into a tightly knit live group.

Highlights include Threequel and new single Action before the willing crowd is permitted to a rare Stagecoach encore which features an ushering of Alcopop record boss JackPop to the stage to play mandolin. As the band themselves would say, Like Woah!

Photos and words by Braden Fletcher

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