Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Los Porcos - Jesus Luvs U Baby / Do You Wanna Live?

You will probably be hearing Los Porcos billed as the new band from former members of WU LYF. Los Porcos consists of three quarters of the recently disbanded group, no prizes for guessing who the absentee is. Also made up of members from FAMY, who supported WU LYF on tour, and solo artist Profondo, Los Porcos played their first show at the Salon Club in London’s Embassy Hotel in April. The new outfit, who wore matching t-shirts with ‘New Pork City’ printed on the front, played a six-strong-setlist, including two tracks that have been posted online, “Jesus Luvs U Baby” and “Do You Wanna Live?”.

The former is a slow, dreamy affair. Slinking guitar lines shift in and out, swapping time with the main vocal melody. The track doesn’t really go anywhere, and similarly to its compadre is repetitive. However, “Do You Wanna Live?” is one of the most infectious songs of the year. The falsetto vocal melody can be off-putting to the hopeful WU LYF fans, it effectively acts as a polar opposite to Ellery Roberts’ gruff, incoherent howls. It’s obvious that moving on from the past was the best option, and while this may be hard for some to accept, it has resulted in this catchy tune of, self-proclaimed, yacht rock.

Los Porcos might not be to everyone’s taste, especially the most devoted of WU LYF fans. However, it will be interesting to hear more music from both parties, especially if this new collective has anything to match the contagious shimmer of “Do You Wanna Live?”.

Calum Stephen

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