Monday, 5 November 2012

Tall Ships & Tellison @ XOYO

This summer, you may recall we went to 2000Trees. One of the best small festivals on the circuit, its brilliance was only dampened by a literal river of mud cascading down the main path through to the arena area. Of course, for many this only heightened the experience and it must be said that the steamy interior of the tent stages wouldn’t have been so atmospheric without insane (mostly bearded) men surfing over other, equally muddy punters.  The warm up night of 2000Trees brought two of the three best sets of the weekend back to back from Tellison and Tall Ships. The duo triumphed with some huge sing-alongs and a heck of a lot of wet dancing fans.
In many ways, tonight is not like this one. We’re not in a field, it’s not raining and sadly its late Autumn. The wellies have been left at home and instead of Cheltenham, we’re in a Shoreditch basement. One thing remains the same though. Tellison, followed by Tall Ships.

First we’re treated to the Norweigan sounds of Dad Rocks! A singer songwriter by trade, you’re won over by the charm of the small supporting cast that includes a double bassist and trumpeter. The vocal harmonies channel a very classic sound, whilst the melody resembles that of one somewhere between Ben Gibbard and Sparky Deathcap (and that’s a high plaudit).

Tellison come on with some bombasity, opening with standout single Edith Wharton and barely stopping for breath as they rattle through indie-rock belter after another. The re-release of their debut album Contact! Contact! coming up sees tracks such as Gallery greeted with new invigoration whilst last year’s follow up; The Wages of Fear tracks like Say Silence and slow single Freud Links the Teeth are greeted with cheers and chorus sing-alongs. Not a bad response for a support act and so far, 2000Trees is matched.

Tall Ships
As Tall Ships take to the stage, its still not raining or muddy indoors but as they set into staple set opener T=0, sonically it’s the same. The Sussex trio’s live soundscape is a formidable one and one that whilst hugely energetic, stays true to the sound of their studio work. Convenient too, as their debut album, Everything Touching is one of our favorites this year. They play mostly from it an as tracks such as Best Ever, a new tune to the Tall Ships artillery blend in with more well known tracks like the re-vamped Ode To Ancestors you understand how the record took so long to make. The diversity in sound goes from a math-rock element in Chemistry (lead single from their debut EP) to a more dance oriented sound on nine minute set closer Murmurations. Its something to admire and whilst those present tonight are hardly dancing to the point of crowd surfing, you can’t help but feel that Tall Ships go from strength to strength as they mature. 

Braden Fletcher

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