Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nordic Giants @ Green Door Store, London

Image Courtesy of Brighton Music Blog

Nordic Giants are a post-rock duo from Brighton, and I was lucky enough to catch their last show in Brighton of the year at Green Door Store, supported by Curxes and Jake Emlyn. Green Door Store is a small, dark venue, which has seen a variety of bands pass through recently including Man Like Me and Palma Violets. Located just around the corner from Brighton station, on quieter nights it's easy to miss (I spent half an hour looking for the place, although that's probably more due to my terrible navigation skills and my phone's not so decent Maps app). Having little to no background knowledge of Nordic Giants, I expected the venue to be packed, as post-rock is supposedly on the forefront of today's popular emerging music genres, but it was dead when I showed up, and after conversing with one of the bartenders, it didn't seem like a huge crowd would turn up. I bought a drink (£4.10?!), made friends and caught a couple of support acts, the first being a Curxes, a girl/boy synth pop pair somewhat reminiscent of Summer Camp. Not what I was expecting, at all.

Image Courtesy of Sideways Glance
Jake Emlyn also played, an interesting, androgynous character from London, and a rapper/singer/songwriter, in love with Eliza Doolittle. I'm still not sure whether I loved or hated him, and it was during his set that I realised my camera was definitely, definitely not up to the job of taking decent photos in poorly lit conditions of constantly moving subjects. Nevermind, I guess I have some lovely pictures of the ground outside. Finally, Nordic Giants took to the stage wearing feathers and facepaint and not much else, surrounded by instruments and video projectors.
Put simply, were mind blowing and I'm not even a fan of post-rock. They had my full attention from the beginning to end and I can only compare what I felt to something like a religious experience; it was almost cathartic. Their captivating music is accompanied by a series of short films, which embrace all manner of issues, and easily evoke whatever emotions they desire.
Switching seamlessly between a variety of instruments, the duo at one point played a guitar with a stringed bow, perhaps the influence of Sigur Rós? Powerful, evocative, and mesmerising, if you ever get a chance, get down and see these guys.
You know when you can feel that a band is about to have massive breakthrough? Yeah. That. 

Jessie Chapman

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