Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beak> - Mono

BEAK> are a band formed by Geoff Barrow, that one from Portishead, and are not to be confused (like I did) with the bird-masked Sunderland noise-niks ‘B>E>A>K’. This track shows why, consisting of eerie, plaintive vocals over melodic bass and pulsing synths.

The song is moody and atmospheric, but also distorted which makes it a slightly disorientating listen. It is the disorientating synths which make to song so addictive, however, and the bass manages to weave it all together to prevent it from becoming too much. The wailing ‘oohhs’ of the last 30 seconds or so are really quite hypnotic, and it seems like the song is cut just a little short. Lugubrious yet somehow bright and addictive all at once.

Holly Read-Challen

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