Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Deap Vally / Drenge / Death At Sea @ London Dingwalls

Deap Vally @ Dingwalls

As far as hype goes, Deap Vally and tonight’s supports Drenge and Death at Sea have been generating a fair buzz between them. The rock’n’roll girl duo at the top of the billing have caused a frenzy on their recent travels after the likes of debut single Make My Own Money lent them column space that namechecked Jack White; whilst Drenge have been taking it in turns to top the billing on the tour and rocked out with their breed of noise every night.

Death at Sea @ Dingwalls

The evening opens with Death at Sea. The Liverpool band’s debut single Drag features in a set that marks them as a definite group of gentlemen to keep a watch on as the likes of Floating Together sound like summer smashes and Zachary turns it down to the level of a love song. On any other bill, they’d be in danger of stealing the show. Drenge come on next to stop this happening though. Whilst this writer thinks that Drenge lack in substance, what they do to make up for it may well be even better. The levels of energy that the duo give off shine brighter than the lights in Dingwalls and the room fills to hear what seems like the heaviest surf sound you didn’t know you wanted to listen to. If that doesn’t make sense, try watching them live and come back to me. New single Bloodsport is a highlight in a set that powers through technical difficulties.

So its time. You can take your blues comparisons, your Californian rock clichés and timid shouts of “I want to be on you” (you stay classy, London) and throw them in Camden Lock because as Deap Vally come on stage, their smiles mean business. What they deliver in the likes of new single Lies is a raucous noise that can scarcely be believed to be simply one guitar and drums. The sound that Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards create could well be that of a full band; and in many ways it is. As End of the World cuts in, slowly and steadily, the few hundred assembled know what’s about to happen and as the chorus kicks in people start to move. Getting them going has been a bit of an effort considering how loudly they cheered but Deap Vally are persistent and a series of new tracks don’t dampen the spirits of the audio-hungry in the room. Make My Own Money B-side Ain’t Fair features alongside new tracks such as Walk of Shame (of which the title gets a cheer; we all know that feeling) and breaking their curfew, the two-piece come back on stage for an encore of I Put a Spell on You.

Deap Vally @ Dingwalls

The Screaming Jay Hawkins track echoes around the small venue as Lindsey’s powerful vocal chords leave the crowd grasping for more as she teases the front row on what truly is a stunning cover. Ending with one last scream, its over. With shows like this, you have to wonder how long the hype machine can keep Deap Vally before thousands are dancing at these shows.

Braden Fletcher

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