Tuesday, 2 October 2012

SBTRKT - Terminal

Ahead of his mammoth tour starting tomorrow, the masked dance master that’s captured the imaginations of the mainstream Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT has launched new track Terminal out across the internet today. After a series of releases including last year’s huge self-titled record; which made our top 10 albums of 2011.
Listening to this new track however signals something of a step away from this, however. With the kind of sound you’d expect to fill a DJ set rather than the kind of shows SBTRKT pulls off with the likes of Sampha live it’s not so much a curveball as a floor filling, ostinato heavy SBTRKT half-way house.

Everything we’ve come to know as trademark for Jerome is there, the pulsing bass line, the like for sparcity and insanity at the same time and the want to be commercially acceptable without pushing too hard for pop. Counting in at under three minutes however, it’s more of a sampler for future beats than it is a ready-to-go release though so for now, that’s our appetite whet.

Braden Fletcher

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