Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kyla La Grange live @ Scala, London

Scala, the home of every band on the cusp of something bigger. You succeed at Scala and the world of KOKO, Shepherds Bush and so much more is available to you. It’s London’s proving grounds and rightly so, it’s in the heart of King’s Cross, the entry point of the city to so many. Tonight, it’s Kyla La Grange’s turn to attempt to shine and after hauntingly wonderful shows at the likes of Village Underground, supported by full band and an array of foliage on stage; you can’t help but feel momentum is on her side.

Sadly the show never sold out and the album, as enjoyable as it was, didn’t make a huge dent on the music world, but that doesn’t stop the almost thousand strong assembled bustling with excitement; they liked the record and once Bombay Bicycle Club meets General Fiasco group Story Books have warmed the crowd up with a series of endearingly fun tracks, the stage is set.  Originally from Watford, not too far from KX London, and having played her first show with her band as a support artist at this very venue, Kyla La Grange almost feels at home here and its that confidence that takes over her usually shy demeanor.

Of course, the nerves are still there as she’s a naturally quite shy performer, but with a microphone or trademark Gretsch guitar in hands she almost becomes an alter ego of herself.

Tracks like Been Better sound huge in rooms like this and album opener Walk Through Walls’ powerful refrain of “get up, get up, get up” incidentally gets people up and moving.  Anyone who doubted Ashes’ properties as an album that translated live has their fears put to rest and La Grange looks more and more comfortable as ringleader of the still foliage and light heavy stage as time goes on.

Giving air to new track Lyssa in the encore alongside usual set closer Catalyst which almost has a Mumford style sing-along feel alongside La Grange’s personal yet mysterious lyrics, the night feels like its come to its natural and enjoyable conclusion. It may not have been perfect as Kyla La Grange needs more material to really shine but after years of progress you finally feel that she’s proved the point that she’s here to stay.

Braden Fletcher

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