Saturday, 4 August 2012

July Playlist / Roundup

Yeah I know we're already in August, but here's a quick recap on some of the music us at Sound Influx have been enjoying throughout July 2012. We took a brief hiatus so there weren't as many reviews as usual, but here's our top picks and monthly playlist for you to delight in!

Album of the Month: Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

"That's just what this album is really, engaging and simplistic on the surface with complex under-currents presenting themselves in the lyrics, drum patterns and vocal delivery. It might be a stretch to call this Dirty Projectors' best album, but it comes very close to a flawless piece of work at it's best, only occassionally swinging lo." 9.0 / Toby McCarron
Full review here 
Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse

At first I was rather unsure about ‘Slaughterhouse’s DIY punk revival but after a few listens it becomes clear that Segall is not just a chancer aping his idols (Iggy Pop, The Replacements) but a songwriter playing with the same freedom and love of noise, melody and self-expression that his heroes did all those years before. Get in the garage and crank it up. 7.7 / Max Sefton

Full review here 

Spotify Playlist by Toby McCarron

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