Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Animal Collective - Today's Supernatural

"COME ON LELELELELELET GO" is our emphatic introduction to this new chapter in the story of one of the most celebrated experimental outfits of the modern era. It's an exciting first snippet too, and a pleasing reminder that new record Centipede HZ is imminent.

And boy are the expectations for that album high, as Animal Collective have been accumulating a rolling snowball fan-base through recent years peaking impressively with 2009's more accessible effort Merriweather Post Pavilion, a record that warped the minds of so many new listeners and downright impressed the old "they will never make a record as good as Spirit They've Gone..." crowd. And if that wasn't enough pressure on their shoulders, the dropping of what is probably track of the year so far Honeycomb earlier this year (not to be included on Centipede HZ) really got a lot of people riled up and awaiting the return of their overlords.

So, what clues do we get from this new track 'Today's Supernatural'? Well, with Avey Tare taking vocal lead with impassioned screaming and yelping, it seems like a trek back to Strawberry Jam era material may be on the cards. But although this doesn't sound a million miles away from tracks like 'Peacebone' and 'Fireworks', the production is notably more crisp and smooth recalling some of the Merriweather Post Pavilion aesthetics, just with a little more growl. It's not the most thrilling or even experimental track even by Animal Collective's standard, and may alienate some of the new fans garnered from their previous album, but it's good fun and exciting enough to signal another possible important progression for the band and modern music in general. Roll on September 4th.

Toby McCarron

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