Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Goodtime Boys - Every Landscape 7"

The first thing I want to clarify to everyone who may read this - Goodtime Boys are one of the best live bands in the country right now. A screamo five-piece from Cardiff fronted by Pennie (ex-The Automatic), their intensity is one of the finest I have ever seen, and if they’re touring anywhere near you anytime soon, you should definitely go and watch them. They’re doing a tour with Rolo Tomassi (and Oathbreaker) in the near future. Get involved.

Now that’s covered - the band are buzzing on a new 3 track 7”, which includes a new track, a remaster of an older track, and a cover of a Kate Bush track - which makes it probably one of the most accessible marketing strategies they could have gone with. There are some good corkers in this one, and it's definitely a good release to have on physical to just casually listen to, as it flows quite well, and being a fan of them prior to reviewing this, the splicing in of the old track adds a little familiar listening value.

‘Callous’, the opener, kicks in fast and hard - one of those, all instruments start at once type deals. I wouldn’t say that the track entirely gels with me, but it would be an intense track to be seen performed. ‘Harrow’ is a choice track off their second EP ‘Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been’, with one of the finest sing along chorus hooks that I can think of. Their cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Under Ice’ is ridiculously different to the original (for reference, I had to look the song up) and in honesty, they pulled a lot more out of the track than Kate Bush did.

GTB have a strong ability of being able to write songs that have fine power, and are still heavy in melody and technicality. Often peeking and troughing, like a sea. It’s a good little release and if you’ve not listened to them before, this might be a good sampler of them before they put out their new, fully fledged EP. The 7” is due to come out in about a month, so if you’re feeling cheeky, you may as well pick up a copy. 

Eliot Humphreys

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