Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Killers - Runaways

From the very first time we heard THAT guitar start on a song called ‘Mr Brightside’, we all knew that The Killers were going to be a special band. They’re the kind of band who even though they have sometimes strayed from the rightful path, will always hold that special place in your heart. It’s been a while since ‘Day and Age’ came out and I think we can forgive them for the interesting lyrical choices now. Brandon went and wrote a pretty exciting album that sounded exactly like The Killers, and the ones no one’s ever heard of did stuff too. We’ve moved on, maybe our memories of The Killers began to gather dust. 

But now they’re back with album number four. ‘Runaways’ is the comeback single heralding their return. And what a return it is. There are drum rolls galore, a killer chorus (excuse the pun) and more than a little bit of Springsteen tucked into these four minutes. It’s a song guaranteed to make you smile just as a result of the enormous bombasity of it all, and as per The Killers pull it off with remarkable aplomb. The new album, ‘Battle Born’, looks set to show off a band just as formidable as when they released their first album eight years ago. 

Jessy Parker Humphreys

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