Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Frank Ocean - Sweet Life

Coming out of a turbulent week for the young singer (no pun intended) any new release by Frank Ocean is destined to be pulled apart in search of further insights into his personality and sexuality so what better way to sidestep this intrusion than by delivering a track that steps away from the personal into a world of cocktails, manicured lawns and HD televisions?

With ‘Sweet Life’ Ocean gently mocks the cosseted boy or girl, who lives in ‘the black Beverley hills’ but wastes their opportunities to go out into the world preferring to remain in their privileged bubble where their clothes are washed for them and any problems can be solved by hiring more help. In its own way it reminded me of the socialite ‘Miss Lonely’ in Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ which can never be a bad comparison to evoke and it does manage to nail at least one great line with ‘why see the world when you got the beach?’

I admire his actions and Frank seems to across as the most likeable and intelligent member of the Odd Future collective but I’m still yet to be sold on the music and this is no exception. A brief burst of internet bleeps usher in the kind of smooth RnB jam, co-written with once ubiquitous hit-man Pharrell Williams, that’ll sound great for a weekend but be swiftly forgotten afterwards.
Frank's debut album Channel Orange is now streaming here

Max Sefton

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