Saturday, 17 August 2013

Swiss Lips - Carolyn

Recently it has become a bit out of character or us to post individual singles but sometimes we have to make exceptions for the exceptional and the new single from Swiss Lips is certainly that.
Carolyn is a swirling pop track of new-Mancunian wonder about falling in love with someone and driving off into the sunset with them (because isn't that the dream), and its audio is below; but its in the method of creating a video for it that the band really stand out. They've created a video game that creates its own remix version with each individual play.
The collaboration with Phililps' You Need to Hear This has resulted in Playstation 1 style graphics and Game Boy Colour gameplay in the form of the most entertaining interactive music video since Arcade Fire's Wilderness Downtown project. Better still, this partnering up means that you can win headphones or Swiss Lips merch by sharing your individual remix across social-media.

It really has to be played to be described, so we recommend you visit REMIXCAROLYN as soon as you humanly can.

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