Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bands to Look Out For #18 - Splashh

"There are bands that perfectly imitate other bands, whereas we have our influences, but try to do something completely original." These words are from the mouth of Splashh’s frontman, Sasha, and they totally sum up his band’s approach to music.
They reel off influences in interviews, citing indie legends Deerhunter, Dinosaur Jr and Jay Reatard among others, and sounds from all these bands can be heard at times in Splassh’s music; however, they never let one influence overpower their own unique style.

This London band aren’t brand new, not in terms of internet-age time, they’ve been around for a year or so, but they have quickly garnered attention, playing big festivals such as Glastonbury. Their music is in the vein of krautrock indebted bands like the Horrors and Toy, but what makes them stand out is a real knack for melody, which makes these guys not only a great live act, but also a compelling listen on record.
Their debut album is released here in September, which in the band’s own words is "just a collection of songs that we wrote at home and we just put it on an LP. It’s just a nice little intro to the world." An endorsement so calm, cool and assured from a band sitting on a clutch of excellent singles can only mean good things. Meanwhile if you haven’t already heard their stuff, check out the video for their song Vacation (below) which features one of the most infectious hooks of the past year. Watch this space.

Josh Barfoot

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