Friday, 22 November 2013

Free Sound Fridays: LeTrouble

It's Friday, and that means a new thing for you. This Friday and every Friday from now on, we'll be bringing you a shed load of free music. Rob Bramhill's presenting the first week with a band called LeTrouble.
Mission Bell, by Rob Bramhill
"I've always wanted to ride that thin line between Meat Loaf, Hall and Oates, and punk.” – Le Trouble
Montreal garage-rock band Le Trouble are on the brink of releasing their sensational debut EP Reality Strikes. So what better way to celebrate the occasion than with some free noise for those eager ears of yours?
The bands raucous FREE single, ‘Mission Bell’ is an impressive introduction to the group. Their fiery energy is made up of a punk-based concoction infused with a dancey, lo-fi charm that you’ll find downright alluring.
"This is all about having a good time for us” explains guitarist Bao­Khanh. "We want to be so catchy that you feel like we're a guilty pleasure."
Only there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty about enjoying Le Trouble. Their abundance of catchy riffs and hook-filled tunes will keep your headphones fixed firmly on to the side of your head and we can guarantee that you’ll be happily nodding along in no time.

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