Saturday, 21 September 2013

AllDay Presents: AusRap

So this article's a bit different. Upon a search for new music we came across Australian rapper AllDay. His sound is somewhere between Drake, Travis McCoy and the kind of flow that we enjoyed at the turn of the last decade. It's summery and makes us just a bit happier inside. His track Eyes on the Road taken from the Loners Are Cool EP proved to be a standout for us and his new album/mixtape Soon I'll Be In Cali 2 is full of tracks just waiting to burst out of Australasia into the rest of the world.
You can listen to select tracks from it below and download the whole thing for whatever price you like (yes, including nothing) as well.

All Day, or AllDeezy as he likes to call himself also enlightened us as to some more Australian rappers that he thinks we should lend our ears to. We honestly didn't know more than we could count on one hand before this so it's a real pleasure to get it from one of the most exciting prospects of the scene. This then, this is the British introduction to AusHop.

So right now is a good time for Hip Hop in Australia. There are a bunch of people doing cool stuff and I finally think we are catching up to the rest of the world.

To start off with, Jackie Onassis. This song is called Smoke Trails. It's just silky as fuck and Kai (the rapper) can sing a bit too. These guys are the next kings of Sydney. [FREE EP DOWNLOAD]

Next up we have a dude from Melbourne called Remi Kolawole. This song is called Sangria and it sums up what every Australian does in Summer. Remi is definitely blowing up right now. [FREE DOWNLOAD HERE]

And finally (drum roll please...)this is a new single from Thundamentals from Sydney. These guys have been around for a while but this song is my favourite thing they've done so far. I actually supported them on a tour when I was starting out last year, they're real nice, humble dudes and they're getting more popular all the time. This is Smiles Don't Lie.

So that's that. Three of my favourite recent Australian hip hop songs and artists. I hope you guys enjoy them!

xoxo Alldeezy

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