Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gallops - Yours Sincerely, Doctor Hardcore

Having known Gallops a good few years, being natives to my home town Wrexham, I have had the opportunity to see them progress from being a jewel in Huw Stephens' eye, to releasing this long awaited debut album, entitled ‘Yours Sincerely, Doctor Hardcore’. For those unaware of what a Gallops is, I will do my best to use my words in a succinct yet descriptive manor. In sound, they are the closest embodiment of what the Blade Runner Soundtrack would be if it were a band, had been weaned on a keen diet of 90s metal, and had just recently discovered pick-rock. In actuality, they are a four piece, a combination of two guitars (half glitched-up, half meat-filled), one electronically ethereal/plinky plunky laptop and one thunder drummer (somewhat the gallop in the Gallops gallop). I couldn't name a band with a more fitting name, either. The way the band charges through a song is pretty much the ideal score for a futuristic dark lord to ride along a massive plain on his mighty steed to. At least during the consistent parts, otherwise in the more mosh-heavy, chaotic moments, he would be more likely found waging some kind of futuristic Lord Of The Rings scale of epicness battle against a good alliance. But, I digress. 

‘YS, DH’ is the debut album Gallops needed to make. It pretty much maps the bands entire career, and has been a long time coming. Namely due to how long they've been touring nearly every song on here, especially ‘Lasers’, ‘Crutches’ and ‘Windows FX’, which have been floating around for the past four odd years. However, those unaware to their work prior to this, will probably be quite surprised by what they hear. The album is a fine example of what progressive rock can be in the modern age; embracing the moods and electronic chirps of 80s b-movie soundtracks, the punch of 90s thrash metal and the start/stop nature of 00s pick rock, whilst still being able to cohesively blend all those elements together simultaneously with the progressive majesty of a band like Pink Floyd.

Maybe pushing it for the release date, but ‘Yours Sincerely, Doctor Hardcore’ might be a contender for one of the best albums of 2012. If you can, go see them live. Their power and talent as live musicians is only ever half-captured on records. Go on, and make yourself a happy chappy. 


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